MPA Reminders

1)  Click on the level you wish to register your band (Grades 1-3 or 4-6). Links are on the main MPA Page.
2)  Complete the Google form. Once you submit the form you will be e-mailed the MPA Enrollment Form (already filled out)!
3) Print the form, sign it, and have your Principal sign it.
4) Click on the link for Repertoire List.  Then, complete that Google form.  Again, the completed form will be e-mailed to you.  Print and sign that form.
5) Mail the MPA Enrollment Form, Repertoire Form, and your check to Fran Shelton (her address will be on the bottom of the Enrollment form).

The deadline for registering for MPA is February 23, 2018.
Your paperwork and check must be postmarked by that date.
Remember, the fee is $225.00!

Enrollment will not be official until the paperwork and check is received by the MPA Chair.

As you fill out the forms, please keep in mind much of this information will be transferred to the MPA Program.  It will appear AS YOU TYPED IT!